Tuesday, August 21, 2007

More on the WIP Front...

I have been working on a round ripple, too. Last night I worked on it some before crawling into the blankets to stare at the ceiling in my room. It is made with Lion Brand Homespun. Three different colors, Mardi gras, Honalulu, and Calypso. The picture, if I can include it, was taken when it was first begun. I set it aside for quite a while to work on other projects (including replacing the carpet in my dining room with vinyl flooring). I now have about 17 rounds on it. Two mardi gras, two calypso, two mardi gras two honalulu, two mardi gras etc...
I love Homespun. I know other have had problems with it, seeing stitches can be difficult, but I love it. This one is for my daughter's boyfriend's mother (does that make sense?). I have a date tonight so I will not be doing much crocheting tonight.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

How To Start??

I have not had time to crochet very much of late. I have numerous projects in the WIP pile, some will maybe go to the PIG Pile or be Frogged to make something else. I have started this blog to try to organize my mind and my WIP pile, somewhat.

Summer is Vacation time; for my Staff. I haven't taken a full week for three years. I work as a Restaurant Accountant, mostly. I have two staff members who work under me. I cover their positions as well as doing mine when they go on Vacation. This leaves little time to think or to relax when I get home. I also have two teenagers who, while on vacation, seem to need more attention and care, than when they are at school. I will quit whining now but you can see my crochet time is minimal in the summer.

I am working on two baby blankets. One pink and green the other one in blue and white.