Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Woes & Triumphs

This weekend started off, on Friday evening, with a dinner date with my ex. Not too bad, Chinese Buffet. On the way home my son called, apparently the State police had called my house saying that my daughter's car was parked in someone's driveway and that they had called the police about it.

From bad to worse, I couldn't reach my daughter on her cell phone. She was spending the night at a friend's house, "Erica" and of course she has 4 different friends named Erica. Needless to say the next hour and a half were spent calling all over to see what happened to my kid. She finally called me saying that she forgot to charge her cell phone and that "Oh, by the way" her car started spitting antifreeze out the vents, so she pulled over and called AAA.

Apparently the tow truck driver that AAA called Doesn't know his elbow from a hole in the ground as her vehicle was "dropped off" about 25 to 30 miles away from the address that they gave to AAA. Thus the Complaint and State Police involvement. She finally got it all straightened out, after calling and ranting at AAA. After my heart started beating again and My blood pressure went down to normal. I realized that my daughter had handled the situation completely correctly, except for letting me know what was going on.

Saturday I got to sleep in, Crocheted, Watched Sci-Fi movies and Relaxed. Saturday Evening, my ex brought over his Camera and we had a "professional" photo shoot. (more of a learning experience for both of us.) I may post a pic here when I get them back. (We'll see how they came out.)

Sunday I went to work in the A.M. Went grocery shopping and came home to have a mental meltdown...nothing major just me loosing it...But after that was done. I managed to get to Row 12 of my 9 Pointed Solid Centered Round Ripple. I Told you I would eventually write the pattern down for you all. Maybe by next weekend It will be ready to be tested. Any takers?