Monday, June 23, 2008

I meant to blog about my Peaceful and Restful Saturday, but got tied up with this shawl I was making, Sweet Pea Shawl from the S&B book. (I started it and finished it on Saturday). I bought some new yarn on sunday while waiting for the kids to meet me for lunch. I will update later with the brand and color name for now a description. It is a cadet blue and brown mix worsted weight I think...and it is screaming at me to make it into a shawl. I didn't really get to work on anything on Sunday (crochet wise) because after work the kids met me for lunch at 99 restaurant, kinda a late Birthday celebration for my 18 year old and then we went to Borders, The Lebanon Pet & Aquarium center (where we all got to hold a snake) and then to the Powerhouse Mall, where my daughter got some Ralph Lauren perfume and Some UGG flipflops (I thought they only made boots???) Then we went to see the Movie The Incredible Hulk, which was fun... after we got takeout at KFC and went back home.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Project Linus Pattern

Sideways Shell Baby Afghan (aka: Newbie Shell Afghan)Copyright 2000 by Donna Laing

I made this blanket from Donna's pattern in only two or three evenings. I made it with Joann Sensation Rainbow Boucle, that I got for 5 or 6 dollars on sale. I think I am gonna use the pattern for a shawl I am going to make for Nana, my BF's mother. She doesn't know she's getting it, but when asked what color she wears mostly she said Sage green. I am almost done with my father's afghan and that will knock one of my wip's off my list. My daughter graduated last Saturday and turned 18 on Wednesday... a lot for a single mom to deal with in one week. lol. Her father actually showed up to the graduation. His first attempt to attend something that is important to her in the whole 18 years she has been alive. (long story) She glowed when she saw him there so it was worth having to deal with him just to see her happy. And yes, I am bitter. lol. I have some pictures but decided not to include them because there are too many crazies out there and I don't want them looking at my kid. She was beautiful and happy, that's enough for me. The above blanket was for her bf's cousin who is having a baby girl. I tend to do that a lot. I make things for my loved ones to give to people that I will probably never meet. I take great joy in just the making of the baby blankets, I know they will be well received . Now I have to go look at my wip list and see what comes up after the LB blue suede ripple for my dad.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

link to more pics

This is a link to Joyce's blog with another picture of the 9 point Solid Center Round Ripple. I just love green and her color combinations are wonderful. Be sure to leave her a comment if you like it as much as I do.

In other news...I am also on Ravelry, ("stormdrac" again) and am working on My dad's LB Suede in Blue Ripple Afghan. Straight ripple this time, not round....imagine how long those final rounds would take trying to make a round ripple big enough for a 6 ft. man.....hours and hours. Anyway, I went with straight ripple and I think I am about 1/2 way through it. I will of course post when I finish too.