Sunday, August 31, 2008

After about 16 years

I finally decided to try doilies again. I haven't worked on a doily since my daughter's second Christmas. My Husband was out of work that year so I made doilies for everyone for Christmas. I had my second child about two months later and my time to crochet was cut down to a minimum. I actually didn't crochet again for several years. I actually joined a couple of crochet groups on yahoo that are pretty much for doilies. One of the groups, Crochet_Gatherings, turned me on to the book "99 Little Doilies" by Patricia Kristoffersen, published by Leisure Arts. (isbn: 1-57486-233-2) I started with doily #23 in Bernat Cool Crochet Rosewood and a size 0 hook. What do you think???