Sunday, August 19, 2007

How To Start??

I have not had time to crochet very much of late. I have numerous projects in the WIP pile, some will maybe go to the PIG Pile or be Frogged to make something else. I have started this blog to try to organize my mind and my WIP pile, somewhat.

Summer is Vacation time; for my Staff. I haven't taken a full week for three years. I work as a Restaurant Accountant, mostly. I have two staff members who work under me. I cover their positions as well as doing mine when they go on Vacation. This leaves little time to think or to relax when I get home. I also have two teenagers who, while on vacation, seem to need more attention and care, than when they are at school. I will quit whining now but you can see my crochet time is minimal in the summer.

I am working on two baby blankets. One pink and green the other one in blue and white.