Wednesday, November 23, 2011

In my search for interesting things to write about, I ran across this site:
I never was a history buff but I find this site intriguing. Today is November 23, 2011. I have been out for less than two months. I am still looking for work and crocheting but have spent a lot of time online as of late, talking to a wonderful man from Wales. He seems to be my soul mate, but I will tell you more about him as I learn more from him.

On the crochet front, my baby blanket, quilt-like though it may be, is taking forever to finish. I have only one triangle left to finish and put together. Then it will just need to be bordered.  I am using a variation of Pricilla Hewetts pattern linked here: you will have to scroll down to the Baby section and look for Homespun Baby Afghan.

It is a wonderfully easy pattern and works up quickly when using Homespun, which I am not. I will add a picture when it is finished. This is the last one I finished, done with the Diagonal Box Stitch. A wonderful tutorial can be seen here:

The above picture is my version of the blanket. 

 Have to share the weather up here with you...we have about 4 inches of snow on the ground and more coming down I will add a picture as I can. Weather forecasts predict it will get much worse before it clears up; sleet, freezing rain, all the fun things winter brings. So to all of you who are traveling  in this wonderful New England weather: be careful, allow extra time, and remember to drive for the weather conditions.