Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9, 2012

On the Crochet front, I have finished a little embellishment project. I will sew this and one like it to a purple sweater I have. I am still working on blankets for babies and baby clothes for my due in August grandchild. I also am working on a purse for me, which keeps getting pushed to the back burner as I find things to make for the expected child.

On the Alzheimer's front, I took a test to see where in the 7 stages my mother was, and it seems she is late stage 4 or early stage 5. She has symptoms of both stages but not all the symptoms that are associated with stage 5. I have just gotten her used to taking her medication every night and now she is blaming her upset stomach and other intestine related problems on the medication. However, the stomach and intestinal problems do not occur every time she takes the medication. It does seem to happen every time we go out to eat and then go grocery shopping, But not only then. So I have to figure out what she is eating that is triggering her diverticulitis and or the lactose intolerance. In the meantime, Dad requested that I get her medication changed. It won't do any good but I did it. She constantly complains about taking to many medications and I don't know what to do to help her with that. I am getting in over my head and need to be seen to myself for my depression, my anti-depressant obviously needs to be adjusted.